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I am not dead

whoa. it feels like i've been pregnant, considering how long it took me to make a new icon post. NINE MONTHS! insane if you ask me. but lots have happened in these months (truth to be told: I'm still trying to figure out my life but ehi!)
so I come (back!) bearing gifts. be aware that most of these are really old, like january old (i promise I'll try to actually put them separetely or something. ehi coding is mah thing /no it's really not!) and of course are like 80something icons OF COURSE. it appears i can't make smaller batches, but ehi considering I haven't posted since January I think we're okay.
but anyway: how are you guys doing? everybody's fine? goooood. i've got plently of goodies to share with.
newest are going to be at the bottom, so don't fret.
as usual: enjoy!

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Once Upon a Time
Marvel stuff (Captain America movies, Iron Man, The Avengers, X Men, Agent Carter, Agents of Shield)
DC stuff (Man of Steel, Batman, The Flash)
other movies (Bram Stoker's Dracula, Donnie Darko, Marie Antoinette, Pride and Prejudice, Star Wars, Star Trek, Sherlock Holmes)
The Musketeers
Legend of The Seeker
The Borgias
Constantine NBC
Parade's End
Being Human
Dracula NBC
Lost Girl
From Dusk Till Dawn
Doctor Who
The Hour
The Originals
The Vampire Diaries
True Blood

Ouat icon battle I made for icontalking

random stuffs from the beginning of the year (january - march) mostly made for challenges, like comics_ic . the suits batch for inspired20in20 which I haven't finished, clearly.

september october icons for different challenges, mostly the7days, elitesimplicity and comics_ic

Tags: !maker: julia, movie: captain america, movies: star wars, tv: from dusk till dawn, tv: lost, tv: lost girl, tv: once upon a time, tv: parade's end, tv: suits, tv: the hour, tv: the musketeers, tv: the originals, tv: true blood, tv: vampire diaries, tv: vikings, type: icons
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