it's juls (wandererjulia) wrote in lakecastle,
it's juls

where do i even begin?

it's me! after more than an year, damn it feels so weird to be back but I (kind of) am. I don't even remember how to make a post on here /oh dear.
okay so I stopped making icons at some point, mainly because I didn't have a laptop that worked. Now I do (YAY!) I also decided to invest in a graphic tablet (though I'm still a bit rusty) but anyway I have, obviously, an icon dump to show you.
Most of these icons are really old, like an year old!
I suddenly felt the urge to go back to icon making so I am kind of experimenting once again: which basically in my language means it's a huge mess!
In my last post I shared the intention of switching communities, which I'll do at some point, I need to get everything ready first. ugh time's not on my side unfortunately.

hope you guys enjoy it anyway.
how are you'll doing? anything new about lj that I should now? any new communities I can use to feed my muse?

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[bla bla bla fandoms]Grey's Anatomy
Once Upon a Time
Sons of Anarchy
The Vampire Diaries
Game of Thrones
The Hour
The Musketeers
Parade's End
The 100
From Dusk Till Dawn
Teen Wolf
Doctor who
The Magnificent Seven
Wonder Woman
The Winter Soldier
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Star Trek

--- THESE ARE NOT IN THIS ORDER /sorry about that it's late and i'm hot

Tags: !maker: julia, movie: captain america, movie: harry potter, movie: star trek, movie: star wars, movie: the magnificent seven, movie: wonder woman, tv: constantine, tv: doctor who, tv: from dusk till dawn, tv: game of thrones, tv: grey's anatomy, tv: merlin, tv: once upon a time, tv: parade's end, tv: sense8, tv: shadowhunters, tv: sherlock, tv: teen wolf, tv: the 100, tv: the hour, tv: the musketeers, tv: the vampire diaries, tv: vikings, tv: westworld, type: icons
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